21 Grueling Miles

So yesterday, I did a grueling 21 miles out in Niceville, Florida.

Something to take from this is that the group should have ran at 5:00AM over 6:00AM.  5:00AM probably would have not caused some of the problems I encountered at mile 16 -21.

I was pretty pleased until miles 16-21.  This is when the Florida heat took a toll on me.  I just was chugging along.  My pace dropped dramatically and we got lost so I ran an extra .5 miles out of the way, well I then just finished the run as a 21 miler because I didn’t want 20.5 miles.

Things I learned:
* Run earlier or find a shadier spot for those miles in this heat.
* Bring Tailwind for the second half, I thought I was going to have it the second half and was wrong.
* Bring gum, forgot it, I find when my mouth is dry, I feel like I need water.

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