It’s time to get back to publishing/Cottonmouth 100 Miler/RunJunkees Run Club Ambassador

It’s time to get back to publishing.

I’ve been away from posting but am going to start posting again. I’m excited for the new journeys ahead and will soon be on to future journeys.

The first journey is this weekend.  The Cottonmouth 100 Miler.  My 2nd attempt at a 100 miler.  I have high aspirations with this race and believe I can do it.  I’m also going to lube up (the downfall to my first attempt two months ago.)

I have a few races coming up and am excited about them.

Also, I have become an Ambassador for another awesome running group “RunJunkees Run Club”.  Which means I get to wear the badge with honor, which I have on the side of the wall.  Expect more posts and follow me on Instagram!  I may soon put up a blog page on Facebook to follow if there is interest in the future.

My final words:
Respect all runners, whether it is the 5K’er, the guy who just did a 5 minute run for the first time, the lady who just completed her marathon…respect them all.  Everyone has a story, do not poop on their parade!  Celebrate them!

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